We highly suggest you take note of the contents of this page before submitting your pasta.


First of all, it's advised that you write your story into an offsite editor, such as Microsoft Word. That both provides spellchecking, so you don't make as many mistakes, and lets you save the page if you cannot finish it. If your page is left unfinished for seven or more days, it will be removed.

  • We accept both UK and US spellings.
  • Please don't write your story in ALL CAPS, nor Capitalize Every Word Like This.
  • Always put an space after punctuation.
  • Don't forget to always capitalize "I".
  • Please capitalize your titles correctly. You can find a simple guide here.
  • Also don't put periods at the end of titles. Exclamation and question marks are okay though.

Spellchecking Penalties

If your pasta has many errors, it will be flagged for deletion and:

  • You'll be warned at the first time.
  • At the second, you'll be banned for one day.
  • At the third, for one week.
  • From the fourth onwards, we will keep doubling your block.

Unfinished PagesEdit

If you post an unfinished page, it will be deleted after seven days without being finished and you will be given an warning. If it happens again, you will be banned for one week.

Note- If you wish to make a chapter pasta, get consent from one of the admins to do so. Without permission you will be blocked from editing for a week. Also, tell us how many chapters it's gonna be.

Walls of textEdit

Please put some paragraphs into your story. No one reads walls of text. The penalties for those are the same as for pastas with bad spelling.

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